Step 1 – Tell Us Your Goals

We want to hear about your kitchen goals! In the beginning, we will simply discuss what kind of project you’re looking at. We will need a basic design brief. We will address basic needs, types of finishes, specific appliances and what prompted you to contact us.

Step 2 – Establish A Budget

This will allow us to assess the overall project, determine what materials will work best, and how we can work closely with you to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Step 3 – A Relationship Is Born!

At this time we will collect a small deposit and dive deeper into the design. We will help answer all questions and specifics each step of the way. We know there are a lot of questions when designing a beautiful kitchen… we are here for you!

Step 4 – Detail & Design Process

We will begin drawings, incorporating your overall budget. We will work closely with you to establish the right materials, hardware and begin to see a visual of how your kitchen will look.

Step 5 – Begin Production

After the drawings have been submitted, we will begin production and in 7-9 weeks the cabinetry is ready for delivery.

Step 6 – Installation

During this time, we work hand in hand with builders, architects, interior designers and yourself to ensure your kitchen is everything you dreamed of.  We help troubleshoot and solve any bumps along the way and provide constant updates one step of the way.

Step 7 – Your Dream Is A Reality

Step foot into your new space!